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Vaginas Aren’t What They Used to Be…

Between Mother Nature and Father Time, from childbirth to menopause, vaginas are subject to trauma, aging, and dysfunction. Problems can be numerous: vaginal laxity, diminished lubrication, painful intercourse, difficulty in achieving orgasm, decreased orgasm intensity, urinary incontinence, and pouting labia.

Our options have been limited and often less than satisfactory. From fair quality over-the-counter lubricants to hormonal therapy with the potential for long-term adverse side effects, from surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia and long, painful recuperation, to Kegel exercises with disappointing results, these options are typically met with an understandable lack of enthusiasm.

Finally, we have an ideal option that many women find to be the right one for them: Thermiva. The Thermiva procedure involves the application of controlled mild heat to the vaginal and vulvar surfaces via a small and comfortable applicator. The pain-free procedure is performed in the office with no anesthesia over about a half hour. There are no hormones, and there is no recuperation time – you can exercise and have sex that same day.

We recommend three applications, each about one month apart. A booster application may be appropriate about 9 – 12 months thereafter.

Is this procedure right for you? Give us a call at the office: (212) 535-6100 and find out. Watch for notifications for upcoming information sessions to be held in the office.

Thermiva. Reclaim your sexual health. Restore your well-being. Revive your relationship.

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