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Nutrition / Health Coaching

In our functional medicine practice, we embrace a holistic approach that whole-heartedly includes diet and lifestyle changes.  


We are excited to expand our practice to welcome leading certified functional medicine and integrative health coach and NYT bestselling author, Missy Chase Lapine. Missy works closely with us to help implement the diet and lifestyle changes we’ve identified as ideal for you personally. It can be hard to implement these changes alone. Having the support and guidance is where a coach comes in and makes all the difference.  Easily. Sustainably. Deliciously. 


Missy’s approach is always highly personal. There is no “one size fits all” diet or wellness plan. What works for your body may not work for someone else. One common theme that will always be present in Missy’s approach is to meet you where you’re at, partner with you step-by-step, and gradually move you up the ladder of wellness. Before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your goals and feel amazing.


Missy says, “As an integrative health coach, my passion is to help people be their healthiest, prevent illness, and live a life in balance.”


In addition to pursuing her passion as a certified integrative health coach, Missy is the New York Times bestselling author of The Sneaky Chef cookbook series and has been named one of the top 20 most influential moms in food.


To learn more about Missy and her services, visit her website:


To book an appointment, email


Coaching works! testimonials from a couple of Missy’s clients:


“Working with Missy has improved my overall quality of life. As a busy executive and mother of three young boys, I was struggling with how to upgrade my eating habits and make small changes that would make me feel better overall. Missy was like a detective, working through everything from sleep to use of simple OTC painkillers. I learned a lot about food that I will use my whole life. Her style is collaborative and encouraging. Plus - we had fun along the way.”

— Deirdre Latour, NY, NY

“Missy is a holistic coach and an intuitive support. In creating an atmosphere of positivity and safety she counsels the whole self. I came to missy to get control of my eating health. I totally immersed myself in her philosophy while creating my own twists. I think she really liked that!  Her encouragement and guidance goes way beyond the food. It is easy to share your inner most thoughts, the things that drive you to and from what is right for your particular issues. Missy is always there for me, as the little voice in my head, as a contact to reach out to, and as a friend who I hope will always be part of my life.”

— Robin P., Tarrytown NY


Also look forward to our new “culinary medicine” cooking classes with Missy (coming soon!)

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