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Integrative: adjective 1. Combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole; 2. Relating to a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to medicine that combines conventional treatments with alternative therapies.

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Standard western medicine is a brilliant and successful approach to healthcare. From surgery to antibiotics to MRI’s, this approach to improving health has been spectacularly beneficial. Unfortunately, not every ailment is fully addressed by this model. Many patients continue to suffer from chronic problems that don’t respond well to the traditional medical model.

Many people are concerned that standard treatment options can be harsh and harmful. They are concerned with adverse side effects or long-term sequela of various therapies. They seek a more gentle, natural and holistic approach to medical care. Frequently, physicians diminish this approach; I have often heard the statement from my colleagues, “That sounds great, but there’s just no data.” Actually, there is data. There is a tremendous amount of data in the most reputable scientific journals regarding the equal or greater effectiveness and lower toxicities of many non-traditional therapies. Physicians, like other professionals, typically stick with the principles they were taught in school and during their training. They are slow to accept new options, and rarely seek out opportunities to learn about, much less incorporate them.

Like you, I have felt frustrated by the limited options afforded by traditional medicine and have sought to learn about additional therapies throughout my career. From Functional Medicine to acupuncture and the use of various natural supplements and beyond, I embrace every option to traditional care. I personalize my recommendations for your concerns, integrating the very best of traditional medicine and alternative medicine for your health and your goals.

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