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Our office is dedicated to providing women with comprehensive health care including health risk assessment, health screening, genetic screening, care of acute and chronic diseases, and health education.

For most of our younger patients, we are often their only health care provider. From the time they graduate from the pediatrician through their thirties, we serve all of their primary health care needs. This can include yearly physicals for employment, routine vaccinations, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, to management of an acute throat infection.

Women In their forties and beyond often require additional care from physicians in other specialties. We maintain close relationships with outstanding physicians in almost every specialty at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hospital For Special Surgery and New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center to whom we refer and attentively coordinate care.

Dr. Goldman strongly believes in the preventative model of health care. Regular visits allow the development of trust and good communication which is essential to the doctor-patient relationship. Routine examinations often afford the opportunity to discover illnesses in their earliest stages and thus provide for the best possible outcome.

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