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Functional Medicine

Have you ever felt frustrated and under-evaluated with your annual exam, which typically consists solely of listening to your heart and lungs, examining your abdomen and checking your blood pressure and cholesterol levels? A more complete evaluation is possible – and available. Our goal is to improve how you feel, as well as how you are!

Functional Medicine is highly personalized, precise and analytic medical care, which evaluates each individual’s concerns, symptoms and goals.

We investigate the root causes of your symptoms by assessing your particular genetics, biochemistry, metabolism, and physiology.

We also carefully evaluate your environment and lifestyle as contributing causes of your symptoms or condition. Using up-to-date medical literature, we devise a customized plan of action to help you achieve your optimal health. We are equally concerned with your present comfort and your future health. Long-term health comes from optimizing the body on the deepest levels.

Traditional medicine asks “What?” What disease does this patient have? Functional Medicine asks “Why?” Why did this person develop these symptoms? “Why” is a more profound question, and yields answers that can dictate a path toward wellness, often without resorting to medications.

We achieve wellness by improving:

  • lifestyle

  • nutrition

  • stress

  • hydration

  • relationships

  • sleep and exercise

Given the proper raw ingredients, our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal; starved of the essentials, our magnificent bodies will falter and fail. Our integrative approach allows for combining traditional as well as functional, natural and holistic approaches as applicable.

This is the time to heal. This is the time to take charge of your life. You have never been this old before – and you will never be this young again. Let’s develop a therapeutic partnership and work together to maximize your health!

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