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COVID-19 What can you do to reduce your risks?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

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An Integrative Approach to Prevention

Surely there is more that we can do to prevent catching this virus beyond social distancing. Just like with other diseases, we stave off illness by being healthy. Your immune system has the ability to protect you if you just give it the tools it needs.

• Eat healthy, fresh, non-processed foods such as organic vegetables and fruits, lots of nuts and seeds, and well-raised meats. Vary your nutrients daily. Cut out the sugars and starches. Use avocado and olive oils rather than vegetable or corn oils. Do you need help with your diet? Contact our nutritionist / health coach Missy for a virtual appointment:

• Get plenty of rest. You need 6-8 hours per night.

• Work on lessening stress in your life. Take up yoga, meditation, mindful walks, or planting a garden. Download the Headspace or Calm apps and use them daily. Talk to people you love. Laugh. FaceTime. Have a group Zoom virtual party.

• Exercise. You need it. Do it.

• Hydration. Keep a bottle or glass of water by your side all day and keep drinking.


Remember – supplements are supplemental. Adding supplements to a terrible lifestyle is a sure way not to get healthy. Many supplements have been shown to be useful in fighting off viral illnesses and boosting immune function.

The following links will bring you to reputable sites where you can order quality supplements:

Fullscript [Click on Catalogue. Click on Categories. Click on COVID Virus Busters.]

Essential Supplements:

Probiotics. Take a quality probiotic daily. Vitamin D. Take about 5,000 IU daily. Vitamin C. Take at least 500 mg twice per day. Vitamin A. Take about 1,000 mcg daily. Selenium. Eat 6-9 Brazil nuts or take 50 – 200 mcg daily. Zinc. Take about 30 mg daily. Melatonin. Take about 10 mg at night before you go to sleep. NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). Take 600 mg twice per day. Quercetin. Take about 250 mg twice per day.

Optional Supplements:

Ferulic Acid, or Sodium Ferulate 600 – 1,500 mg Spirulina 15 grams Monolaurin 2 capsules twice per day Lipoic acid or Sulforaphane 1-3, 1-6 beta-glucans Oregano oil Mycocommunity by Host Defense Viracid by Ortho Molecular Lysine Curcumin Omega 3 Fish Oil, such as Nordic Naturals ProOmega Lemon Boswellia GI -Encap by Thorne Research 2 capsules twice per day Immucare by Natura Health 2 capsules daily Biocidin LSF PUMP liquid.

Please reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for all of your physical and emotional health issues. Call for an office or Telemedicine appointment today!

Warm wishes for your continued good health. Gary Goldman, MD

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