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Where Gynecology Meets Functional Medicine

An Integrative Approach to Women's Health

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Our Philosophy

Gary H. Goldman M.D. is dedicated to providing women and men with compassionate and skilled Gynecologic care, Integrative Women's Healthcare, and Men's Healthcare in an environment that encourages a strong patient-physician relationship. In person and through online consultations, our practice specializes in the holistic care of each of our patients. We spend the appropriate time to address every patient's particular concerns.

Instead of settling for treatment of symptoms, we seek to discover and reverse their root causes.  The essence of medical care must be to promote health, rather than solely to treat illness. We will explore your lifestyle, biochemistry, and genetics to discover opportunities to maximize your wellness and longevity.


If you are seeking a new, intelligent alternative

that meshes with your values and goals, you have come to the right place.

Let us partner together!

A Thoughtful Approach to Gynecology

The interplay between the female reproductive organs and hormones is complex and changes over time. Combined with each person’s specific concerns, goals, and values, there are many alternatives available to prevent and treat gynecologic problems. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you for a lifetime of highest quality care.


If you have not found your solution, if you are seeking a creative customized direction, then it’s time to explore your options here. We will spend the time to understand you and your priorities. We will explain your choices in a clear and compassionate way. We will work together to find your best solution.


Some of our areas of expertise include the following:


Men have specific health concerns and goals that are ideally approached from a functional medicine perspective. We concentrate on evaluating each man as an individual, to optimize health, function, and wellness. We take the time to listen, to teach, and to answer your questions. Starting with a thorough medical history and comprehensive exam, we then evaluate your:

  • Detailed biochemical analysis

  • Evaluation of lifestyle factors contributing to short term ailments and long-term diseases

  • Exploration and correction of risk factors which can promote cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, cancer risks, and metabolic diseases

  • Fitness, nutrition, and sleep analyses 

  • Stress management and sexual health

  • Longevity optimization

Doctor's Desk

Functional Medicine is a an inquisitive and intelligent analysis that seeks to answer the question “Why?” Why am I not feeling well? Why have I developed these problems?


It is superficial to treat an ailment with a medication that just soothes symptoms. The more thorough evaluation searches for the root cause of those symptoms to resolve them and the health problems they represent, rather than just cover them up.


You can call this process Analytical Medicine, or Precision Medicine, or Functional Medicine. Or just call it as it is - Great Medicine!

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Integrating the great traditions of modern medical Gynecology and the gentle and inquisitive field of Functional Medicine, the future of the very best medical care is already here.


Women’s Integrative Health incorporates cutting edge science from the medical literature and is augmented by attention to lifestyle and utilization of methods from naturopathic medicine.


Expand your horizons. Optimize your health.

Food is pleasure and food is medicine. Food is nutrition that enables you to manufacture all the compounds your body requires to function properly. Food is information, instructing your cells how to respond to your environment. Food is first, and supplements are supplemental.


Used to overcome a dietary deficiency, or to change your biochemistry to bypass a genetic variant, or to augment function, supplements have a vital role in nutrition and medical care.

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We are located at
 435 East 90th Street, Second Floor
New York, NY 10128
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