We do not participate in any managed care plans.

Insurance Types

Most insurance plans are: HMO's, PPO's, Indemnity or Medicare.

An HMO covers only care rendered by a physician who participates within that plan and offers no reimbursement for care delivered by non-participating physicians. You may still have care here, but all your expenses will be out of pocket.

A PPO covers care from physicians both in and out of plan. If you see a physician who participates within that plan, your visit is subject to a co-pay. When you see a physician out of plan, such as us, your expenses are reimbursed subject to deductibles and co-pays. Most of our patients have this type of plan.

Indemnity insurance covers expenses for care rendered by any physician, subject to deductibles and co-pays. There is no in-plan physician roster and you may see any doctor of your choice.


Each physician must choose to be participating, non-participating or opt-out with Medicare. Based on our experience, we have chosen opt-out status. This means that we charge our Medicare patients our usual fees and expect payment from them at the time services are rendered. You may not submit our bill to Medicare for reimbursement, though you may submit it to any other primary or secondary insurance that you may have.

Prior to receiving care here you must first sign an agreement which states you are aware we have opted-out of Medicare and that you cannot submit our bill to Medicare. Please read through our Medicare opt-out agreement, print it, sign it and bring it with you to your appointment.

Medicare Opt-Out Contract


We expect payment in full at the time of your office visit. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If there are extenuating circumstances and you cannot pay in full at the time of your visit, you must make arrangements with the office manager prior to your visit.

Upon receiving payment in full, we will provide you with a paid receipt containing all appropriate codes suitable for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement. Our office manager is always available to answer any questions and assist you in this process.

Surgical fees are paid as follows: at the time of your pre-operative discussion appointment you will pay a 20% deposit of the anticipated surgical fee. We will bill your insurance company the full fee. Upon receiving payment from the insurance company we will bill you any balance, or refund to you any overpayment. Read here for more information:

Surgical Fees