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Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Weed. Pot. Marijuana. Does using this herb impact your libido and frequency of sex? In a ground-breaking article recently published by Stanford researchers in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the surprising results confirmed a clear correlation! Data from over 50,000 men and women were collected over several years and analyzed. Marijuana users reported a significantly higher frequency of having sex than non-users….
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Do you enjoy eating pesticides?

The Environmental Working Group released its 2017 list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen fruits and vegetables. Thanks to Dr. Josh Axe for publishing this data. In random samples of fruits and veggies, almost 70 percent of 48 non-organic samples tested positive for at least one pesticide. A single strawberry sample harbored 20 different pesticide residues! Not only do these…
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Blues cure the blues!

An article just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown a remarkable nutritional approach to preventing postpartum blues. Women using a supplement of 2 g of tryptophan and 10 g of tyrosine (both simple amino acid proteins), plus blueberry juice with blueberry extract on days three through five after delivery significantly reduced their incidence of postpartum blues….
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Vaginas Aren’t What They Used To Be…

Between Mother Nature and Father Time, from childbirth to menopause, vaginas are subject to trauma, aging, and dysfunction. Problems can be numerous: vaginal laxity, diminished lubrication, painful intercourse, difficulty in achieving orgasm, decreased orgasm intensity, urinary incontinence, and pouting labia. Our options have been limited and often less than satisfactory. From fair quality over-the-counter lubricants, to hormonal therapy with the potential for…
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Do We Need Vitamins?

Many of my patients ask me if they should take a vitamin or nutritional supplement. 49% of us currently use at least one supplement daily. I answer that it depends who you believe. According to the US Preventative Services Task Force in their 2014 statement, “The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms…
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Weekend Warrior Exercisers Rule!!

If you’re like me, finding time during the work week to exercise is often a struggle. I find most of my exercise is concentrated on the weekends. They question is: if I can’t find the time to exercise daily, is it still beneficial to be a “Weekend Warrior,” and if so, how beneficial is it? Plus – what are the benefits of…
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Zika Update #1: Important new information

Fast Track: There are several more countries that have been added to the CDC’s list of places where Zika transmission has been reported, and to where you should not travel. Zika has been reported transmitted by sex, rather than by mosquitoes, in one case in Texas; this prompts new recommendations for disease prevention. Testing is now allowed for any individuals, not just…
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Zica Virus – What you need to know


Fast Take The Zika virus has recently become more prevalent in certain regions, particularly in Central and South America and the Caribbean. When pregnant women catch this virus, their fetus can develop microcephaly, which is an abnormally small head and brain, and is associated with significant neurologic impairment and occasionally death. The virus is transmitted by certain species of mosquitoes; thus prevention…
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